November 29, 2021


Aloha! ❀

If you made it to this page you are either incredibly bored or incredibly curious.

Either way, welcome to my humble blog where I post random stuff about tabletop roleplaying ideas. It is nothing fancy and there are many other blogs you, the dear reader, should be looking at – but while you are here I hope you enjoy your time and find something useful amongst my posts.

As for me? I’m noone special – trpgs are constantly eating more and more of my brain space away and are my creative outlet of choice. I like bees. Hence the theme. I also like honey – every household should have at least 3 jars of it. Hence the theme. If you are still bored, you can send me a mail. If you are still curious, I have a constantly updated list of principles I try to adhere to when I run sessions.

That’s really all there is. Here, have a cute bee.