History of Ustalav

Long ago: Ustalav’s golden age ended suddenly and horribly when a border dispute between the baronies ended in the awakening of the arch lich Tar-Baphon, which changed the country forever.

Until 100 years ago: Tar-Baphon and his undead hordes terrorize the land, claiming vast parts of Ustalav and slowly squeeze out all life.

100 years ago: The Shining Crusade aided by anthropomorphic representations unites the people of Ustalav against the common enemy and seals Tar-Baphon within Gallowspire.

96 years ago: In the aftermath of the arch lich’s rule, the royal line of founding hero Soividia Ustav died out and the surviving nobles were in equal dire situations. After infighting and political maneuvers the crown moved to Prince Andredos Odranti of Tamrivena.

49 years ago: Count Andachi comes into power after Odranti’s death but was not able to repeat the victories of his predecessor to keep Ustalav’s breadbasket safe from the Belkzen Orcs.

46 years ago: During the height of the famine, Andachi turned to darker powers and was rewarded with the genius tactician Kazavon, whose brutal training methods and flawless maneuvers drove the Orc hordes back easily:

44 years ago: After the last Orcs had been driven out of Ustalav, Kazavon betrays his master and instead establishes his own domain round the castle Scarwall and starts to gather his troops.

43 years ago: Unmatched Kazavon expands his realm and publically executes Prince Adachi, leaving the country ruler-less and confronted with yet another looming tyrant.

35 years ago: The paladin Mandravius together with armies from the Shining Crusade marches against Scarwall and wins, however at great losses.

32 years ago: The Harrowstone prison catches on fire, all inmates perish in the flames and the place is abandoned, spelling the death of Ustalav’s most famous prison.

27 years ago: During the War Without Rivals between the counties Ardeal, Barstoi, and Verno an entire region is ravaged by the civil war and turns into the wasteland known as the Furrows.

23 years ago: Current ruler Prince Valislav Odranti, known as the eunuch prince, issues his as of yet most controversial decree and moves the country’s capital from Ardis to Caliphas.

21 years ago: The country is fractured as the three north-western counties overthrow their hereditary rulers and establish a ciitizen’s council, establishing the three Palatinates: Canterwall, Lozeri, and Vieland.

16 years ago: Humanist and champion of the people Dr. Henri Moritz is slain by his secret creation, a monstrous amalgamation of corpses and monster parts, which then goes on a rampage, slaying numerous famed citizens and members of the Lepidstadt ruling council. Thus it becomes known as the Beast of Lepidstadt.

11 years ago: The Monsterhunter Guild together with the Lepidstadt University crafts the first mutagens, turning members of the guild into supernatural monster slayers.

9 years ago: In Lozeri the first murder attributed to the monstrous wold known as Devil In Gray occurs.

7 years ago: The Devil In Gray leaves a bloody trail through Chastel, slaughtering 19 people before disappearing.

5 years ago: Count Lowls returns successfully from an expedition into Garund, bringing back a wealth of cultural relivs and myths, sparking the Mwangi Fever among nobles and explorers.

4 years ago: The current prince of Ustalav, Prince Aduard Odranto III ascends to the throne under the shadow of a rival claim from Reneis Odranti after the eunuch prince’s death from prolonged chronic disease.

3 years ago: Over a period of multiple weeks the people living around the Eshirwoods are plagued by nightmares, visions, and insomnia but the incident eventually ends with no further consequences, leaving the locals baffled.

1 year ago: A great fire blazes through Ardis, devouring sections of the city’s untended mansions and theaters.

3 months ago: During a walk the respected professor Petros Lorrimor dies to an accident, uniting a group of strangers under his last will.