The Blancmange & Thistle (Troika!)

The Blancmange & Thistle is an extravagant hotel cast in gold and chrome. Chandeliers, ironwork, thick colorful mismatched carpets, paintings of every style, taste, and era, guests in nooks buried deep in chairs seemingly build for them, mandrills everywhere, the smell of brass polish and artificial cherry in the air.

You arrive looking for a suitably glamorous accommodation for your first few days in the city of Troika. The concierge has informed you that they are hosting their annual Feast of the Chiliarch on the roof today and as a result there is unfortunately only one room on the 6th floor left. He also says that you “simply must attend the party” and that it will be a “positive delight to have you”. In a fit of politeness you all agree to share the remaining room.

We will generate your characters the the start of the game using a random generator. Each player will generate 4 and drop one and then pick their starting character. The other ones shall be a back up in case some unfortunate event happens, but only as long as the party is not sufficently sized.