The Strangling Sea

Famed architect, inventor, magician and seer Inigo Sharpe has vanished!
The icons whose intersect with those of the heroes want to find him – either to make use of his fabulous arcane devices, or to destroy him.
Beset by thugs and sellswords, the heroes trace his last known movements. Borne on a magical vessel, they follow their disappeared quarry into the middle of the ocean, where lies a mat of weeds thick enough to strand ships and forever imprison hapless sailors.
In this salt-scorched nautical adventure the heroes must make their way through the Strangelsea’s dangerous landscape and desperate denizens to discover just what happened to Master Sharpe…

This is an adventure for 13th Age where icons (semi-divine agents of various motivations) influence the events greatly. We will determine randomly at the start of the adventure, which icon is the patron for our adventurers. The icons are:

You may choose from multiple characters listed below, their details are left blank intentionally so you are free to give them a name and so on. Important to note is that in 13th Age each character picks one unique thing, that makes them truly different from anybody else existing in the world (such as a mechanical heart or being the last member of a certain race).