The Witchmarket

First mentioned in the 6th chapter of the Pathfinder adventure path Kingmaker (“Sound Of A Thousand Screams”) the Witchmarket is further detailed in the later published campaign setting book “The First World – Realm of the Way”.
Just like many others of its kind, the Witchmarket is a traveling market full with faeries and supernatural beings. It wanders through the world of the fey or even other planes and many people often stumble on it by accident or because they came in possession of a Witchmarket Coin. Visitors often find that coin has little worth here and prices instead cover all the typical themes of fairytale bargains, such as a sweet pastry or one’s ability to perceive colors.

1d8 Witchmarket Spots

  1. Within the ruins of a large underground city entirely build out of glass
  2. On the overgrown back of a massive turtle swimming in a golden ocean
  3. In a humid jungle of colorful mammoth tree inhabited by sentient koalas
  4. On a floating island made out of red crystal surrounded by a thunderstorm
  5. Right next to Vlas, the walking mountain of a thousand dreams and quesitons
  6. Within a hot desert of blue sand with a purple sky and three green suns
  7. Right on the branches of the world tree where the fae queen is holding summit
  8. On top of a giant floating leaf above the bubbling caldera of an active volcano

Orignal Vendors (from paizo)

The Crone in the Cart

The de facto leader of the market, a powerful hag named Aggys, also offers customers the thing they need the most by looking into their future. She is never wrong but the sold items are rarely what customers expect and the price is steep indeed – Aggys usually demands that which is the most dearest to an individual customer.

The Laughing Muse

A group of leanan sidhe offers relatively straight forward deals here: They sell big boosts in abilities (typically spellcasting or artistry) represented by a small token or tattoo. In turn the bird-masked ladies are paid with the customer’s life force, who therefore should pay close attention to their payment plan.

The Memory Market

Within this cluster of stalls one may sell or buy bottled memories of any kind, some mundane, others of significant historic value spanning thousands of years. Of course, the payment usually also involves memories. Examples of sold memories are even flashbacks from a customer’s past so they may remember things or Hoya’s Tent of Lost Things where one may buy things from their past that have been lost or destroyed.

The Questing Tree

The branches of this tree carry questing objects instead of fruits – things like incomplete puzzles, treasure maps, magic compasses, or unsent letters. The proprietor of this place, a dryad named Halama, seels these items for they are all guaranteed to lead to an adventure at which ends riches and fame await. The success rate of these items is 100% – for no customer ever came back to complain.

Added Locations

The Guide

A gerbie by the name of Winnie Rainbowboots can provide customers with directions to almost anywhere on the Witchmarket or beyond. In special cases Winnie may even be convinced to lead customers correctly, depending how attractive the payment is, which takes the form of knowledge of a different set of directions of equal importance. Of course, the customer may sometimes end up in a situation where they are stranded and have forgotten how to return home.

Wayward Chamber

Swirling magic flows around a rainbow colored rock in a roaring vortex. Touching the vortex instantly teleports visitors to the Wayward Chamber where they may buy passage to any location in the multiverse.

To gain access to one of the many planar portals (which are effectively infinite), a customer has to do two things, however: provide an item from or relevant to the target location, and make up an original poem relating to that.

Bits & Pieces

The small of blood and the sound of crushing bones stream out of this pitch dark portal leading to a dimly lit huge underground butcher shop. Inside a legion of faceless 6-armed surgeons gladly changes the flesh and bone of their clients. Rumor is they are even able to perform more delicate procedures, including alterations of the brain.

In this rather grim location customers are able to change almost anything about their physical form or even improve it. The payment of these alterations usually includes the original version of whatever was altered or replaced, plus an additional part from the customer’s body.


The dancing lights of the market reflect beautifully of the haunting displays of life-like but undersized ice statues. Here the frosty chiselers of the Winter Court sell shrunken versions of creatures bound in stasis. They may be released by their buyer and issued with a single command they will obey.

These frozen creatures can be animals, such as a pack of horses ready for battle, but also covers dangerous monsters or even enslaved sentient creatures. All it takes for the purchase is for the customer to present a single or multiple creature with a combined “strength” (typically Hit Dice) equal to the purchased creature. Yes, this is essentially a slave market.

Arctic Serenity

The heavy smell of perfume and glances of alluring fey can be found in this snow covered building. Within one may experience all the carnal delights a mortla might think of that elevate the mind and spirit…

This is a fairy brothel run by some of the multiverse’s most beautiful and cunning creatures. As such one may find even more than carnal pleasure here, such as a conversation that will lead to great insights. Customers best be careful here, however, as they need to provide novel pleasure of equal proportions, which is why quite often a customer enters but never leaves.

The Amusing Mortal

While approaching this massive statue of a naked man you can feel the pressure inside of your head build and eventually hear a voice speaking to you telepathically. It informs you that you are able to purchase sensations and
senses of various kind her if you in turn give up some of yours.

A quite straight-forward stall, customers are able to tradce any kind of sensation for another here. That does not mean however, that one should be overly couraegous here: Just because you want to experience the burning heat of a dragon’s breath does not mean your psyche is equipped to handle it.

Verdant Mori

This ancient and exotic looking shrine harbors an overgrown tangle of plants in which a mask-like human face can be spotted. This is Mori of the Briar, a forest spirit who sells seeds that instantly grow into various objects formed from solid plant matter.

Many types of “instant” objects can be found here, ranging from small tools up to entire mansions. The bigger the object is, the more magical seeds are given to a customer, with very detailed instructions when to plant which where. If a customer is unable to fulfill this part of the bargain the seeds will grow uncontrollably and quite quickly devour the customer for sustenance.

Harvester Haven

Lazily sitting on a log is a nymph with charcoal colored bark for skin and flowing hair colored in the shades of autumn. Next to her stands a massive bounty board completly covered with notices. A massive scythe engulfed in golden fire leans next to the board.

A customer may aquire bounty contracts of mortals that have not even born yet or even themselves or more etheral individuals, like the shadow that hunts the king’s dreams. In any case, a customer is paid in their favored currency, be it coin, gems, or something different alltogether, once proof of the kill is presented to the contract.

Rigoberto Vincelli

A tall, blue-skinned humanoid is clad in loose, flowing robes. Its alien face has too many eyes and its hands have too few fingers. This is Rigoberto Vincelli, a planeswalking merchant who sells all manners of exotic equipment but at steep prices.

For once a stall taking coin! This curious merchant sells most items imaginable, but any magic items are sold at a hefty mark up. This price increase is somewhat lower if customers pay in magic items themselves but still considerably higher than if one were to buy it in more traditional markets.

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