1d20 Spirit Abilities

Aloha! ❀

Similar to the zombie abilities here are some random entries to spice up your ghostly horrors! They can be much more than a life draining touch that ages you though quite a few of these entries are also a staple. I especially enjoy to use these for lesser ghosts so they have a somewhat unique ability that surprises players!

  1. Traitor Blade: possesses the weapon of someone, causing it to behave erratically or even strike at its wielder!
  2. Aetherwalk: dissolves into the aether and instantly reappears at a distanced location to strike – staying in the back is no longer safe!
  3. Draining Moan: a baleful sound leaves the ghost’s mouth and drains away the life force of all living beings around, including vegetation, turning it all a sad, sad grey!
  4. Shadow Possession: may hide and jump between the shadows of all nearby living creatures instantly, it could be anywhere!
  5. Steal Breath: may touch or simply move through a living creature to leave it immediately choking with no oxygen in its lungs, I hope you aren’t underwater!
  6. Telekinetic Armor: surrounds itself with an armor made of swirling soil, pebbles, and other debris, leaving weapon of many types less effective!
  7. Corruption Ray: releases a blast of ghostly energy that damages all it touches within a line with possible bad side effects – maybe even mutations!
  8. Paralysis: attacks by this spirit temporarily paralyze a random body part, causing you to trip or drop weapons!
  9. Body Possession: may take over a living creature’s body until they resist. They remain awake and may speak freely but their body is moving on its own!
  10. Mind Possession: as above but now its the other way around, the ghost may use you to whisper hidden messages, cause magic to happen, or attract other monsters!
  11. Freezing Aura: is surrounded by an area of extreme cold that causes liquids to freeze and living creatures to freeze quite quickly – brrrr!
  12. Ghostly Flames: the touch of this spectre sets victims alight with a ghostly fire, burning them in eerie flames – it might even haul these flames as a ranged attack!
  13. Automatic Retreat: whenever missed by an attack this spirit simply fades into the aether, invisible to all unprepared and living them vulnerable to attacks!
  14. Limb Projection: may project a limb like a claw through the aether to make it appear in a distant place, striking at those not in normal range – is there nowhere safe?
  15. Fear Aura: instills supernatural fear in those face to face with it that grow the longer the living are exposed – an oldie but a goldie!
  16. Miasma: a cloud of diseased and corrupted air rises out of the ground, not only hindering vision but also bringing harm to those within – better hold your breath!
  17. Old Wounds: this spirit makes old scars burst open, previously mended bones hurt again, and the pains of the past emerge again – nostalgia in an even shittier way!
  18. Erratic Arrows: no projectile around this spirit seem to behave right, it may steer a limited amount randomly, sending them at other targets or back to where they were fired from!
  19. Overwhelming Visions: floods the mind of a victim with memories, intense emotions, and similar impressions, leaving them very confused and possibly unable to act – get out of my head!
  20. Battle Frenzy: every living creature around enters a battle rage that’s directed at anything and anyone – once the battle is over only carnage remains!