The Waxed Mist-City Of Terranetics

The flesh is weak, it rots and tears and is generally quite inefficient. Thus we have devised something better: We have melted rock like soft candle wax and replaced our flesh with it. We poured homes out of stone in caves of mist and now we live here, free of weakness and pain. Golems, the ignorant call us but we know what we are: sculptors.

They seek us out when their soft limbs give away, when sickness has eaten away at them and wounds grow black. We gladly share our craft: we remove their flesh, toss it to the beasts below, the steaming fungus jungle Shav’Brazul is always hungry. Then we shape the stone, we give it life and make it part of our customers. Soon their body is stronger and we have moved a step further in spreading the joy of Terranetics.

This is what we are, craftsmen, artisans, enemies of the flesh. But we don’t hate or go to war for we are patient. The clay and rock that is our form will last longer than the world above. We will share our innovations with stoic altruism. We will preserve – and the meat will rot.


This is a city of those that have forsaken their weak disease-riddled flesh bodies. It could be located deep within the bowels of earth or just inside a cliff side or cavern opened to the world-above. Dropping it in front of the player’s feet may offer an unique if slightly unsettling method to restore a lost limb or mend a festering wound. Of course it could also serve as an entry point to the underworld – who knows what player’s will find within the jungles and below?

Plot Hooks:

  • The players visit a city close to Wakefield and see several people with rocky limbs, eyes, and so on. Locals will gladly tell them about Wakefield and give directions.
  • One of the sculptors actually misses having an organic body and wanders the land, searching for help, bumping into the PCs. Perhaps his fellow sculptors might want him back.
  • The jungle Shav’Brazul contains strange herbs the PCs need as a component for magic that destroys an evil artifact – Wakefield is the entry point to that area.

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