1d20 Sea Creature Abilities

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You know what’s way too rare? Aquatic adventures! And even then, when we do end up hopping into the deep blue sea all that’s there are krakens and mermaids and all the other way too generic stuff. But then it’s not like there are a lot of resources for that stuff anyway. Therefore me and Aqua wrote down 1d20 abilities you can give to your underwater beasties to spice things up a bit!

  1. Steam Bullets: shoots small bubbles of steam or very hot water which scald everything they touch!
  2. Death Throes: when killed this creatures bursts into a dangerous shockwave, which will hurt a lot and rupture organs (remember: shockwaves underwater are baaaad news).
  3. Barbed Skin: the body or scales are covered in very fine poisonous barbs, just touching it without protection risks exposure to a very dangerous toxin.
  4. Hypnotizing Lights: this creature is able to control its own bioluminescence to weave confusing patterns and rhythms which distract or even hypnotize those nearby – trippy!
  5. Speed Burst: releases jets of air from its backside or mouth granting it a sudden speed boost towards one direction, very surprising!
  6. Zapper: generates electricity around it, which is even stronger when touched and will paralyze most creatures of similar size or be very painful for larger ones.
  7. Kelp Control: is surrounded by strands of kelp that wiggle around like snakes which the creature has limited control over to obscure vision or entangle attackers.
  8. Dart Shooter: capable of shooting small darts which contain its eggs which will grow and parastically feed on the dart’s target.
  9. Whirlpool: has extremly strong fins or similar apendages which it can twirl around to cause a vortex that sucks in everything nearby.
  10. Shell: when in danger the creature’s skin hardens and bulges out into a spherical form which it uses then to bludgeon nearby dangers – sort of like a bouncy ball, but sometimes even with poisonous spikes!
  11. Camouflage: while on the hunt this creature turns transluscent and almost invisible which it uses to drift up to its unsuspecting prey.
  12. Sticker: attaches to other creatures and starts digesting them with a powerful stomach acid or similar from that moment on – you really wanna get that one off quickly!
  13. Swarm: forms packs of similar creatures and communicates with them via screeches and hisses, the more there are the more sophisiticated the communication and tactics become.
  14. Howler: gives out a loud shriek that deafens everything in a cone and even disorients creatures relying on hearing or sound, possibly with permanent injuries.
  15. Color Globs: this creature spits colorful bubbles which explode when they touch something and form a cloud of that color which blocks vision until it dissipates. Very artsy.
  16. Scent Lure: when in danger this creature releases some sort of scent or pheromones which attracts an even bigger predator (which hopefully attacks the danger and lets it escape).
  17. Psychic Parasite: attaches to the head or body of another creature and controls it while becoming part of its metabolism, absorbing nutrients from the host creature.
  18. Mimicry: constantly records sounds of everything around it and periodically releases them again as a distorted echo – very annoying and very confusing for everyone involved.
  19. Breath Stealer: sucks out the air of anything its mouth (or similar!) attaches to and disolves it into the surrounding water. Divers beware – collapsed lungs possible!
  20. Ice Queen: cools down the surrounding water which makes its prey lethargic and easier to catch, either does it slowly and gradually to be sneaky or in sudden bursts (which may be harmful to the creature itself)

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