1d100 Warm-Up Questions

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The jump between chill chat and gaming can sometimes be a bit clunky to do, it always feels like suddenly shifting gears – at least in my experience.
To smooth it out and ease my players back into their character I am using a huge list of “character questions” – before we start I ask one of these questions per session and let players take turns answering. This makes the transition not only easier but also has the fun side effect that the player characters grow over the course of the campaign. No long backstory required!

  1. What was your character’s worst nightmare?
  2. How would your character’s perfect afternoon look like?
  3. What is your character’s favorite animal?
  4. What color does your character hate? Which one do they love?
  5. What is your character’s biggest regret?
  6. Does your character have any hobbies?
  7. Is your character a morning person?
  8. How was your character’s childhood, all things considered?
  9. Describe a moment when your character felt like a hero!
  10. What does your character find absolutely disgusting?
  11. How did your character learn to do what they do?
  12. Which emotion describes your character best?
  13. What does your character need the most?
  14. How does your character prefer to dress?
  15. What is your character’s biggest insecurity?
  16. Is there any religion your character is particular fond of? Why?
  17. What is your character’s comfort zone?
  18. What is a quirk one wouldn’t expect of your character?
  19. Which is your character’s favorite type of weather?
  20. What does your character prefer to eat for breakfast?
  21. What was the worst meal your character ever had?
  22. Is there any type of animal that your character dislikes?
  23. What does your character do for recreation?
  24. Does your character have any nicknames? What’s the story behind them?
  25. Which season does your character dislike the most?
  26. What is your character’s favorite spot to relax?
  27. Does your character have any prized possessions? If so, which?
  28. What is your character’s worst flaw?
  29. What kind of people are the worst, according to your character?
  30. Has your character ever struck someone out of anger?
  31. What was your character’s most stupid mistake – from their point of view?
  32. Does your character fall asleep easily?
  33. What makes your character feel embarassed?
  34. What makes your character angry every single time?
  35. Is or was there anyone your character despises?
  36. What’s the strangest thing your character has ever done?
  37. If your character was a writer, what kind of stories would they write?
  38. What are your character’s basic views on the human/mortal condition?
  39. What would be written on your character’s gravestone?
  40. How does your character want to die?
  41. What would it take for your character to cry openly?
  42. Does your character enjoy music? If so, which type of?
  43. Who was your character’s first love?
  44. What is a saying which always stuck with your character?
  45. What does your character think of their parents?
  46. Is your character a heavy drinker? Why?
  47. When was a time your character couldn’t stop laughing?
  48. What kind of government does your character endorse?
  49. Which was the worst insult your character ever received?
  50. What was the best drink your character ever had?
  51. Where would your character like to go on vacation?
  52. What does your character think about magic/the supernatural/… ?
  53. Has your character ever felt completly lost? If so, why?
  54. If your character could be famous, what would they like to be famous for?
  55. If your character could know the answer to a single question, what would they ask?
  56. What event haunts your character to this day?
  57. What is something your character is trying to improve about themselves?
  58. Describe a childhood friend your character had!
  59. What is a talent your character wishes they had?
  60. What is your character’s most obvious blessing or strength?
  61. In what way is your character completly fake?
  62. Is your character patriotic about their homeland?
  63. Did your character ever witness a well-known historic event?
  64. Is your character keeping in touch with people from their past?
  65. How would your character’s parents describe them?
  66. What is your character’s prime motivation behind their actions?
  67. Which of the 7 deadly sins is your character most guilty of?
  68. Does your character make friends easily?
  69. Does your character have any personal rivals or bitter enemies?
  70. What is something your character hates in other people?
  71. What would your character die for?
  72. What is the worst thing someone did to your character?
  73. How does your character get along with people in their field of work?
  74. Who would your character miss the most if they went missing?
  75. Does your character have any mentor figure? If so, who?
  76. What is your character’s attitude regarding material wealth?
  77. What is a nervous habit your character has?
  78. Does your character have any favorite scents? Which?
  79. Is your character allergic to any kind of animal?
  80. What place would your character like to visit the most?
  81. Does your character have any good luck charms?
  82. Does your character prefer living in rurual areas or the city?
  83. What is something your character is oddly passionate about?
  84. How does your character react when their daily routine is interrupted?
  85. Describe the first impression a stranger might get of your character!
  86. Is your character someone who gets to know their neighbours?
  87. Would your character’s desk look cluttered or tidy?
  88. How open to trying new foods is your character?
  89. What would your character like to be remembered for?
  90. Which emotion does your character often invoke in others?
  91. What is your character’s life goal and how do they intend to reach it?
  92. Which are your character’s three core beliefs?
  93. What event had the biggest impact on your character’s life so far?
  94. What type of story would your character be the protagonist of?
  95. Describe your character’s dream living room!
  96. What is your character’s favorite type of landscape?
  97. Does your character want to start a family at some point? Why?
  98. Where does your character feel the safest?
  99. What makes your character feel proud?
  100. What would your character do if they woke up and found out it is wartime?

1d6 Bonus Round

  1. How would your character like to be proposed to?
  2. What is a secret shame your character carries?
  3. What is the luckiest thing that ever happened to your character?
  4. If your character could be someone else, who would they be?
  5. What is the most romantic moment your character ever experienced?
  6. Describe your character’s soul mate or best friend!

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